Album Review: Bandstand

HOW. IS. THIS. SHOW. CLOSING. Bit delayed, but thought I would share my favourite tracks from the original Broadway cast recording of this extraordinary new musical, in light of it announcing its closing after a mere 5-month run. I won’t vent too much, but this is becoming a problem now. But that’s a matter for another day and another post me thinks! So back to this for now. In just experiencing this album, I believe this to be a worthy competitor to the likes of recent successes Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton. It boasts the big band-stand style mixed with jazz/blues genre of the time, while feeling relevant and telling a powerful story. Gutted I won’t be able to see it on Broadway, so the cast album will have to do, which is fine, I mean, how beautiful is that album cover though?!!!


5. Love Will Come and Find Me Again
I love how this song owes/tributes to the classic yearning/wanting song while putting a modern spin on it! And Laura Osnes’ always flawless vocals make this a damn good track!


4. Right This Way
Jut listen to those lyrics, man! If there’s a show right now with something important to say, it’s this one!


3. Nobody
This song is so catchy it’s unbelievable! The writing team must have known they had something special with this show!


2. This is Life
Again, this song has that emotion and is so clever as well! Osnes is not the only star, because her leading man Corey Cott is just as incredible! Too much talent on one stage!


1. Welcome Home (Finale)
My favourite song in the show – it  showcases Laura’s incredible vocals once again and has that build-up of power and energy that hits you emotionally. And this video, posted by the show’s official YouTube channel, made my cry when I watched it. It sums up what the show it about and how important the message is. Very special.