Dream Casting: Waitress West End

Sugar. Butter. Casting. So one of my dreams for next year has come true with the exciting news of Waitress being just around the corner, beginning at the Adelphi Theatre in February 2019. So for fun – strictly fun – I know people get ancy about these sorts of things, but this is just for fun, nothing serious or offensive – I thought I’d share my perfect casting for the first UK production of this beautiful show. I’m sure we are getting a cast announcement just around the corner anyways, but…

Joe – Bruce Montague
Bruce is currently playing Abner Dillon (in 42nd Street at Theatre Royal Drury Lane) which is a small, but very funny role and Montague brings something great and memorable to it. He looks the part of Joe and would be able to pull off that cheeky humour while also bringing heart to it.

Cal – Delroy Atkinson
I most recently saw Atkinson in Sylvia at the Old Vic and he was hilarious which made me think what a great Cal he would be. He fits the role and would make a great paring with my Becky I have selected. Also, the West End needs more BAME representation, which I have done with this cast without realising.

Earl – Jon Robyns
For the douche-boyfriend role I went with Robyns who I always enjoy on-stage. And again, I picture him in the role so vividly. He can play pretty much everything so I’m sure it wouldn’t take much for me to hate him for a change.

Ogie – Daniel Buckley
cast_3f554a8c-a147-e811-80e4-005056010001_t1532512557Eugenius Daniel Buckley 400x600
Buckley is hysterical and steals every scene he’s in currently, playing Ferris in Eugenius! at The Other Palace. He can sure as hell sing it and has a great presence and charm about him which would be perfect for Ogie – audiences would root for him so easily.

Dawn – Asmeret Ghebermichael
Asmeret is incredible. Currently as Lorrell in Dreamgirls at the Savoy, she never fails to blow me away with her comic timing and vocal ability. I am wishing for her to play the lovable Dawn, I think she would bring so much flexibility to the role which has possibly not been done before.

Becky – Marisha Wallace
For this role, you need a voice and a half. And Marisha, currently Effie in Dreamgirls alongside Asmeret, would be a dream. Her version of “I Didn’t Plan It” would blow the Adelphi roof off every night. She would always give it sass and attitude, and bounce off Delroy so easily. Perfect casting if I do say so myself!

Dr. Pomatter – Sam Palladio
This was a hard one because having seen the OG Drew Gheling on Broadway I can’t imagine anyone else being as good as him, so all the leading men of the West End went through my head until I thought of this curve-ball. First, if you have not watched Nashville then you need to straight away because it’s the best TV show ever. But anyway.. if you don’t know him, Sam was a lead in that show and is an amazing singer-songwriter in his own right. He is also a very powerful and charismatic actor. So he can basically do anything. Business-wise (ugh) he might bring in a few more bums-on-seats, but I really chose him because I think he would be amazing in this role and it’s a crime he hasn’t done any theatre yet! And what better a role to make his West End debut with!

Jenna – Rebecca Trehearn 

So many choices I can’t even begin. I understand this is quite a sensitive subject at the moment just because they are casting right now, and everyone wants it. But as I said, I mean nothing by this, just doing it, ‘cus. But in a selfish way, fuck me Rebecca’s voice singing this score would be to die for. This woman is one of my all-time favourite actresses and singers. The way she emotionally approaches material and her incredibly rich, unique tone suits what this show is looking for down to a T. Her “She Used to Be Mine” would be so emotional I might internally combust. Please Theatre Gods, make it happen!

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