Vocal Obsession: Jeremy Jordan

Man crush alert!! (thought that better be the disclaimer before I start!) Now, this man continues to leave me astonished beyond belief, not only does he have my favourite male voice in the world, but his consistency, determination, pure talent and genuine likeability is what makes him one of the best in the business. I’ve compiled a list of videos which explore his dynamics as a performer in his range, personality and professionalism. I was so lucky to get to see him perform live in concert in London last year, after admiring him from the theatre, television and film that he continues to exceed in! He is just phenomenal, and these are the reasons why…


He loves Disney:
I mean who doesn’t?! This Disney medley is perfect! And he sings “Let it Go” far better than Idina for sure. No comparison. Sorry Idina fans.


He’s a damn good actor:
Not only the voice of an angel (sorry…swooning again!) but the acting chops to boot! In the amazing film version of one of my favourite shows The Last Five Years; Jeremy’s performance and Jason Robert Brown’s incredible lyrics are a match made in heaven! The way Brown commits to a story and writes every song with so much heart is incomparable – a true artist!


He was in SMASH, and we love (and miss) SMASH:
And I mean, everything about his performance is effortless here (that big note though!) And this was written by the amazing Pasek and Paul of Dear Evan Hansen and Dogfight fame!!


AND he’s also a singer-songwriter:
As if he wasn’t already multi-talented enough, he can also write songs. And bloody good ones at that. This is just one of then, but at his London concert last year he performed several and each one was unbelievable. I need an album from him with all of his work on please!!!


He’s an originator and history maker:
Frank Wildhorn’s Bonnie and Clyde is one of many life-obsessions of mine, and Jeremy was Broadway’s original Clyde. And how can you forget the role that made him a star: Jack Kelly from Newsies. And this end of Act one show-stopper “Santa Fe” has become his signature song. You can see why!


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