5 Shows Overdue for a West End Transfer

In the recent exciting news that Fun Home is coming to London as well as the much-anticipated Hamilton, I thought I’d divulge into my protest bank and rant about which Broadway shows we needed to have in London yesterday! So for the purposes of fairness, I have ruled out Dear Evan Hansen and Waitress from this because they have basically just began their stage life and a West End transfer could be more than likely in the future for them both – fingers crossed!

5. Something Rotten!

Something Rotten B-Roll
Show-stopping production number, ‘A Musical’

I was super super lucky that this was my first Broadway show back in 2015 and that I manged to see the Original Broadway cast including two actors I admire greatly, Brian d’Arcy James and Christian Borle. There was such hype in the auditorium that night, as the show had just opened and it was the week after Borle won his second Tony Award for his role in the show! West End audiences would lap this show up, it’s the most hilarious show ever and full of musical and Shakespeare references! I couldn’t have asked for a better first Broadway experience!

4. Finding Neverland

Act One finale, ‘Stronger’

I adore this show, especially the music. Seeing this show with the Original Broadway cast including the amazing Laura Michelle Kelly, it destroyed me emotionally and was just magical (sorry!). The show was at one point basically confirmed for the Piccadilly Theatre, but hopefully plans won’t be delayed much longer. And we have The Girls, so why not more Gary Barlow while we’re at it – his songs are incredible. And Queen Louise Dearman for Sylvia please…now!

3. Bonnie and Clyde

Original stars Jeremy Jordan & Laura Osnes

What can I say? I’m bloody obsessed with this show. I have the cast recording on repeat! Written by my favourite composer Frank Wildhorn, the show (somehow) flopped on Broadway but has since been a hit with international audiences. Once of my favourite theatre experiences was seeing the show at ArtsEd [musical theatre training school] and I would love for that production to come to the West End! I believe something is happening with the show soon, at The Other Palace, so I’m keeping my eyes wide open for that!

2. Newsies

Featuring Tony Award-winning Choreography by Christopher Gattelli

Man, again, another perfect show. Having loved the cast recording for ages I went to see the cinema broadcast of the show [they recorded the North American tour] and I was blown away, I just remember my heart was beating so fast throughout the whole show. It’s easily Disney’s best stage adaptation and one that would appeal to West End audiences. And how perfect would Wicked star Emma Hatton be as Katherine Plumber, c’mon, you know you want to see that!

1. Next to Normal

‘I Am the One’

Why would it be anything else? The show is sad enough, let alone how sad it is this show has not made it to the West End yet since it’s 2009 Broadway debut. One of my favourite musicals ever, this show hits you like an emotional avalanche and is so expertly executed, you’ll be obsessed forever. The message and subject matter is universally relatable and the score is infectious and note-perfect. It arguably needs the least amount of financial backing than the other shows on this list (i.e. you don’t need a big set) so it’s a no-brainer! I want this on the West End more than anything, with the newly Olivier Award-winner Rebecca Trehearn as Diana (YouTube her performing ‘So Anyway’)! Please God, someone make this a thing!!!


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