Vocal Obsession: Rebecca Trehearn

So I thought I’d start one of those feature/series things that people do often in blogs. And what better subject than to introduce some of my favourite voices in the world. The real talents. The people who really do deserve that star billing. First up is the incomparable Rebecca Trehearn.

As Julie LaVerne in Show Boat (2016)

First appearing regularly as an understudy, Rebecca has risen to leading lady in the past few years in such roles as Molly in Ghost the Musical and Julie in Show Boat. I cannot express how talented this woman is. The tone of her voice is unlike anything I’ve heard, and the way she emotes through the lyrics so effortlessly just leaves me speechless. I could literally hear/watch her sing a Chinese takeaway menu and I’d be overcome with emotion. You just can’t beat a voice like this working on the West End right now. So without trying to find (more) words to explain why, I’ve brought examples, just click the song title to go to the video!

“Bill” from Show Boat
One of my all-time favourite shows and performances by an individual I’ve ever seen. This being a music video it’s not exactly like the scene itself in the show, which was even more powerful given what the character is going through at the time.

“With You” from Ghost the Musical
Damn, how I wish I could have seen her in this role. I would have been a mess.

“Send In Your Clown” – A Sondheim & Emilie Sande Mash-Up
I mean, this mash-up is stunning and Rebecca’s voice is just liquid gold.

“Goleuadau Llundain”
Even here, I have no idea what she’s saying and I’m in love.

“Gravity” by Sara Barellies
Sara Barellies’ vocal on this song is effortless, so naturally, it suits Rebecca’s voice to perfection. Just flawless.

There are so many things I want her to do next because she can literally do anything, but I think the big one I want is Elphaba! Please universe, make this happen!!


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