Dream Casting Hamilton in the West End

Oh, haven’t you heard, Hamilton is coming!! As you can imagine I could not be more excited. If the experience it going to be anything like the many times I spent at In the Heights, then I cannot wait! When I went to New York they were doing the load-in for the Broadway production and little did we know how the show would explode and propel Lin-Manuel Miranda to instant stardom! I have every faith that Lin and the casting directors will choose the perfect cast for the West End premiere, but in honour of tomorrow’s pre-sale, I thought it would be fun to chime in anyway…

Alexander Hamilton
Sam Mackay

Usnavi (In the Heights)
I can’t think of anyone more perfect than London’s Usnavi! He’s got the acting and vocals chops to pull off a second Lin role! #SamForHam

Aaron Burr
Matt Henry
Currently: Lola (Kinky Boots). Previously: Gary Coleman (Avenue Q)
After Kinky Boots, I have no doubts he would smash it!

Eliza Hamilton
Gabriela Garcia
Nina (In the Heights), Ensemble (Ghost)
If her Burn is anything like her Everything I Know, it will be everything and probably make me a crying mess…

Angelica Schuyler
Emma Kingston
Vanessa (In the Heights), u/s Eponine (Les Miserables)
My favourite Vanessa would rock Angelica. To be fair, I would pay top price for her to do a one-woman show of Hamilton.

George Washington
Joe Aaron Reid
Currently: Curtis Taylor, Jr. (Dreamgirls). Previously: Benny (In the Heights), Ensemble (If/Then)
This guy always impresses, so basically, it has to happen.

Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds
Phillipa Stefani
Currently: Mimi (Rent). Previously: Daniela (In the Heights), Ensemble (Wicked) 
This woman is a class act, so arguably could be wasted in this role, but she can cover Angelica too so it’s all good!

King George III
Simon Lipkin
Nathan Detroit (Guys and Dolls), Lonny (Rock of Ages), Nicky/Trekkie Monster (Avenue Q)
My favourite comedic actor in the West End would be perfect!

Marquis de Lafayette / Thomas Jefferson
Arun Blair Mangat
Benny (In the Heights), Angel (Kinky Boots)
He would bring the golden voice of Benny mixed with his Kinky Boots Angel sass. He would own it!

John Laurens / Philip Hamilton
Tyrone Huntley
Currently: CC White (Dreamgirls). Previously: Judas (Jesus Christ Superstar), Gator (Memphis)
Because every show is better with the powerhouse vocals of Tyrone Huntley. And he’s still baby faced which suits the role. And he can understudy Burr!

Hercules Mulligan / James Madison
Emmanuel Kojo
Joe (Show Boat)
His Show Boat performance was so powerful!


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