Films on Stage: Love, Hate & New Ideas

"Hey, what’s the problem with movies on the Broadway stage?" Why do people not go to them even when they’re good? Ghost, Bridges of Madison County, Groundhog Day all less than six months; even Chitty Chitty Bang Bang lasted only a year. I think here in the West End we are more open to them,… Continue reading Films on Stage: Love, Hate & New Ideas

Review: Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Layton Williams and Shane Ritchie join Rebecca McKinnis in the new cast through May 4, 2019. Correct me if I’m wrong but there seems to be only two original British musicals in the West End right now…both filled with Queens! And one of them is still playing to sold-out energised crowds at the Apollo Theatre.…… Continue reading Review: Everybody’s Talking About Jamie